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Ground handling & FBO

“AirBelService” Ltd. 

Handling and FBO services in Belarus


Having contacted our main operations center in Minsk you can be sure that the services indicated below are just a phone call away:



1.   Entry and landing permissions including short notice and very urgent requests
2.   Overflight and landing permits worldwide
3.   Weather briefs and NOTAMs
4.   Organization of the ground handling on the ramp, ramp and load control supervising personnel.
5.   Traffic handling and check-in procedures for passengers and baggage
6.   Coordination, representation and liaison with airport authorities and wider community
7.   Flight planning in accordance with “Eurocontrol”,”Belaeronavigation” requirements
8.   Slots coordination and airport extended time approvals
9.   Navigation and leading services arrangements with CAA for flights to domestic airports
10. Flight following , dispatch services and handling of last minutes changes
11. Crew administration
12. Crew lounge and rest facilities
13. Complete flight documentation package in accordance with the local requirements
14. VIP terminal services
15. Catering services
16. Aviation fuel arrangements
17. Crew transportation
18. Hotel reservation and crew discounts
19. Customs assistance
20. Immigration assistance, invitations to Belarus
21. Visa services and crew entry permits
22. Charter commuter trips or helicopter transfers
23. Consulting services and aviation solutions
24. Security reports and guarding services
25. Cargo handling including dangerous and hazardous
26. Credit facilities and simplified credit set up procedures

Contact details:
AirBelService Ltd.
mail address: 35th Chkalov st.,
Minsk 220065 Republic of Belarus
Tel/Fax: + 375 (17) 222 51 50
Tel:        + 375 (17) 222 51 51
Mobile:  + 375 (29) 676 76 91   Anatoly Klindukhov  (Head office director)

 e-mail: operations at airbelservice dot com
web: http://www.airbelservice.com




Belarus is our home – we work to make it your home while away from home.